About ATS
ATS, Fujiss Corp. is committed to giving consumer the ultimate quality and advance in transmission system parts. We focus on consumer's needs and satisfaction as the core of our company creed.
The ATS-Speed drive is innovative products by Mr. Florian Schlumpf. We are manufacturing under license of Haberstock Engineering GmbH, (Germany) since 2005. We make this excellent bike gearing system in efficient production and inexpensive. We would like to let consumer have another choice to make their own bike more simple, clean (no shifting cable), easy riding or even enhance function of bike.
The ATS-Shaft drive technology is come from car industry. We make the shaft drive more light weight to fit for bike riding. And make it in perfect transmission efficiency. It will let bike designer have chance to make bike more clean, less pollution, simple, refined and elegant. We have a lot of gear ratio you can choose and compatible with many well-know internal hub system. It make bike in reasonable gear ratio and riding comfortable.
Our goal is offer more quality, popular and creative bicycle and parts. We wish to bring a good future together with our customer. We do believe "Where there is always a better way". -- it is the power to keep us moving ahead all the time!