Planetary gearing system with two switch positions: direct drive 1:1, overdrive 1:1.65



Direct shifting via push bttons or "easy-shift" - levers on both ends of the spindle. No cables, no rods.


Gear housing

Corrosion resistant, completely encased and protected against dust and spray water.

Three different shapes are available:
- gear housing with integrated 27 tooth chainring
- gear housing with spider for BCD 110mm (5 hole) for standard chainrings



Rides on (replaceable) cartridge bearings. You can expect a lifetime of more than 20'000 miles for the bearings and much more for the speed-drive.

Axle length

Standard is 136mm for bottom bracket widths of 67 - 73mm.


Bottom brackets

The speed-drive unit is designed for an inner diameter of the bottom bracket shell of 33.6 - 34.5mm. The speed-drive part, which is slid into the b.b., has no thread. It is perfectly centered by conical rings. The bottom bracket has to be chamfered on both sides at 45°.



Distance between centerline of frame and midth of chain: 41.7 ~ 51.7mm. The chain line of speed-drive can adjust by spacers. Any chainline in between 41.7~51.7mm. We can offer the right spacers to fit your bike.



Generally, you can combine any bicycle gearing system with speed-drive.
For heavy use such as for Long Johns, rikschas, tandems, please use hubs, which are designed for tandems. These are 3- and 5-speed - SRAM - hubs. With 7-speed-hubs from SRAM, Shimano hubs and all types of chain derailleur systems no problems have been reported in the past couple of years, when thousands of speed-drive - systems have been combined with many different gearing systems.
You can combine speed-drive with the Rohloff 14-speed hub.
All speed-drive - systems may be combined with coaster brakes.



Crankarms sit conventionally on square spindle sections.
Standard length is 170mm
Standard material: aluminum
Available as an accessory are the following alu cranks: 155mm, 160mm, 165mm.



Standard chainrings are made of lightweight aluminum.
Bolt circle diameter (BCD): 110mm
We offer the following sizes:
- 27 tooth chainring, which is part of the speed-drive housing
- with BCD 110mm: 34, 36, 38, 40, 44, 50, 54
- other sizes and materials on request <- 27-tooth chainring


Trouser guards

We offer high quality aluminum trouser guards for all chainring sizes

<- trouser guard for 27-tooth chainring. Handpolished.



Including spindle, bearings and spider, excluding chainring and cranks: 790g (46 tooth chainring with chainring bolts: 90g, cranks 180g each).
Please compare the total weight of speed-drive with the total weight of a triple chainring set including shifter, cable, derailleur. Example: Shimano Altus (48/38/28 teeth): weight incl. right crankarm: 1255g



High quality planetary gearing systems have efficiencies of about 95 - 97%. By using only the best technology for gears, bearings and lubrication, we try to get to the highest possible level. The possibility to easily lubricate the speed-drive gearing system guarantees to keep this high level for lifetime.



speed-drive can be used for tandems.



The speed-drive unit comes ready for installation, including chainring of your choice (extra charge for chainrings larger than 48 teeth), both crankarms, a 1.5mm Allen wrench for fixation of the gear shift button, detailled installation instructions.

Are you looking for even more detailled infos?
Just download our manual (pdf-file): speed-drive manual english