1. Lubrication
When assembling, we lube the speed-drive with a basic quantity of MoS2-grease, which is good for at least 2'000 - 3'000 miles.

Indeed, if you are interested in the highest possible efficiency, you can lube the speed-drive yourself from time to time.


- simple and very effectiv: some drops of bicycle oil

- longtime effect: 1ml of the original MoS2-grease - ampoule (-> accessories)

- Superior Friction Reduction spray, based on teflon, for very low temperatures (-> accessories)

Please take into account:
The speed-drive - sealing has very low pressure to avoid friction losses. Therefore, it is not designed to keep an oil bath within the gear housing.
Excessiv lubrication may result in a loss of oil. This is no functional problem, but please take care, if you transport your bike within your car.

2. Adjusting the gearing play
After several thousand miles, please check for bearing play. The chainring must not have any play along the spindle axis. If there is any play, slightly tighten the self-locking nut on the left end of the axle. Never tighten the nut too firmly. Some play between the cranks and chainring in the direction of crank rotation is normal and necessary for proper engagement of the gears after switching.
3. Disassembly
If ever required, each speed-drive can easily be disassembled without any special tools.

Although there are only few parts inside the gear housing, you shouldn't make anything on it, if you are not familiar with bicycle technique.

Please consider, that the 1-years warranty expires due to improper operations on the speed-drive.

Please download our manual with detailed disassembly and assembly instructions before opening the speed-drive housing (-> speed-drive manual english, pdf-file)

Are you looking for even more detailled infos?
Just download our manual (pdf-file): speed-drive manual english